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Serious Pig


For those Serious about a nibble! These authentic salamis are prepared from finest British Pork and a careful blend of herbs and spices that truly pay homage to the craft of charcuterie. From unwinding at your local to an on the go lunch break, these two delicious flavours can be enjoyed anywhere.

Great Taste Gold 2011


This gorgeous classic salami is prepared with a careful combination of herbs and spices. Cracked black peppercorns provide its signature flavour which delivers a depth of taste that works beautifully with the tanginess of the cured meat.


We all like spice in our life but, of course, it has to be balanced. The level of chilli in this salami delivers a sharp piquancy that together with the smoked paprika creates a deep, rich flavour.

Great Taste Gold 2013
Great Taste Gold 2013


It's not a village in Hampshire, it's a snack revelation! Finest British pork is infused with a special blend of herbs and spices, cured and air-dried in the traditional way before being sliced to produce a seriously tasty bite sized snack. High in protein and low in fat, Snackingham is perfect for anyone seeking a healthier savoury snack or on the contrary also ideal for sharing over a few drinks.


A fantastic combination of herbs and spices, including caraway, fennel, coriander, and black pepper come together to complement the pork and deliver a balanced flavour that's full of character.


Everyone has a special place in their heart for pork crackling. It's always a talking point when it turns out crispy on the Sunday roast. What we've done here is guarantee perfect pork crackling whenever, wherever you want it, and you’ll probably want it in the pub!

The texture and flavour we get from oven roasting is amazing, it bubbles and turns a beautiful golden colour and becomes incredibly crispy. The flavour is rich and full of delicious porkiness and it's all from just 3 simple ingredients, pork, sea salt and olive oil.


As pub conversations go, one that Serious Pig founders George Rice and Johnny Bradshaw had in The Junction Tavern beer garden NW5 back in 2009 has been pretty fortuitous. On one of many lost evenings the pair found themselves pondering a question - what would be the perfect and most delicious snack to accompany the recently ordered pint of real ale AND glass of red Bordeaux while powering the boys through to a late dinner? Several discarded packets of crisps, scratchings and nuts later - the boys agreed that something more 'serious' was required and concept of a 'Posh Pepperami' was hatched. 'Serious Pig' was born the very next day!

In the years since, the company has developed arguably the best bar snack available in the country and has become one of the leading producers of top quality British charcuterie - makers of premium products derived from the humble pig.


Brewdog's Annual General Mayhem

We were bowled over by BrewDog's 2016 AGM - 6,000 equity punk, 30,000 pints and as of this year 1,300 salamis!

Over the course of the day team SP were mingling with the crowds and selling our new Caraway & Juniper Snacking Salamis, a flavour created exclusively to pair with BrewDog's Punk IPA. Obviously the pairing works as we'd sold all 1,300 within the first few hours of the day and had to spend the rest of the event getting hammered.

Look out for the Caraway & Juniper salamis in your local BrewDog bar this summer.

Brewdog's Annual General Mayhem


It gives us great pleasure to announce that we are now SALSA accredited! This was a long held dream of ours and was finally realised last week. Standing for safe and local supplier approval , the scheme enables medium sized to grow by approving products for sale at a national level by the biggest sellers. That means that soon we may have our products in a supermarket near you!


Q. What should you do if you see mould on salami?
A. Eat it, it’s super tasty!


An Overwhelming Amount of Press Coverage

Tis the season,

For tinsel, santa hats, bleak office parties, photocopied bums, someone being sick in the wastepaper bin and all of the inevitable hangovers.Well, not so much the latter anymore as we've discovered that our cured meats cure hangovers, a story that's been reported in The Independent, The Times, The Evening Standard, The Sun, The Sunday Mirror & Speciality Food Magazine and more. So, you can believe everything you read in the papers.

An Overwhelming Amount of Press Coverage

Opening Night

The doors of our Peckham HQ opened last week for a proper launch party to celebrate the completion of the space and all of the friendships that have gotten us this far. It turned out to be thirsty work as the generous supply of booze from BrewDog actually ran out and had to be re upped by our neighbours Brick Brewery.


HQ Open For Business

Last Saturday saw our Peckham HQ open to the public for the first time. As well as being the location where our backroom operations are based - product manufacturing, distribution, writing these emails - it's now home to a charcuterie bar serving up the finest handmade British charcuterie and craft beers.


Wild Flavour Combinations

Our supermarket aisles were a place where as recently as 2001 panini bread seemed revolutionary, but now they’re a cornucopia of experimental flavour pairings that’d run Willy Wonka out of town - Whipped Cream Flavoured Vodka, Mountain Dew Flavoured Popcorn and Apple Crumble Flavour Crisps to name a few.


Introducing Serious Pig HQ

It's an ambitious pig's destiny to make it in the big smoke and so, after a successful round of investment, early 2015 saw us move our operations from Bristol to a railway arch in Peckham. The premises was certainly a fixer upper, but from humble beginnings our grand multifaceted headquarters is starting to emerge.

Introducing Serious Pig HQ



We're proud to have our base in Peckham, a truly exciting, vibrant and a wonderfully culinary part of London. Del and Rodney are long gone and Peckham is really worth a visit to see a part of London with old school community and character alongside new school hip.



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If you're a deli or farm shop, a pub or bar, a butcher or cinema or even a wholesaler we'd like to hear from you. Please call or drop us an email so we can talk business.


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