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          Ok so we’re a little bit obsessive. In a good way.

          We have to be if we’re going to satisfy the
          most discerning of tastes. And make no mistake,
          that is why we’re here.

          So we source our high quality pork from the very
          best, British farms; and we ensure that our curing,
          roasting and packaging processes are rigorous.
          We also obsess over the quality, taste and texture
          of our products: trying all number of blends of
          herbs and spices before approving the right flavour
          profile for our Paprika and Chilli Snacking Salami;
          and testing half a dozen versions of salty and not
          so salty Snackling before arriving at the perfect
          saltiness quotient.

          Our obsession also means that we’re always on the
          lookout for the next big thing. We’re consumed with
          the idea of improving people’s taste experiences*

         *when we’re not making maps of the UK with salami
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