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                                                                                    to the world

                                                                                     of Serious pig.


                                                                                     P4.          The Story of Serious Pig
                                                                                     P6.          Seriously good products
                                                                                     P10.         Team & HQ
                                                                                     P12.         Obsessive
                                                                                     P14.         One day...
                                                                                     P16.         Our Natural Habitat
                                                                                     P18.         Today...
                                                                                     P22.         Inventive
                                                                                     P24.         My Peckham
                                                                                     P26.         A Brand with Ambition
                                                                                     P28.         A Brand with a Following
                                                                                     P29.         Club Seriously
                                                                                     P30.         Where you’ll find us
                                                                                     P32.         Contact us / Buy

                                                                                    *all in the best possible taste
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