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          Like all

          the best


 started down the pub.
         The Junction Tavern beer garden,

          in NW5, to be precise. It was there,

          on one of their many lost evenings,
          that our founders, George Rice and

          Johnny Bradshaw, found themselves

          pondering a serious question.

            What would be the perfect snack to   real food – satisfying, full of flavour and
          accompany their recently ordered pint of   better for you than any existing pub snack.
          real ale and glass of red Bordeaux? It had   The very next day, Serious Pig was born.
          to be a delicious taste complement to these
          fine beverages; but it also had to provide
          proper sustenance to power the boys
                                                   “the concept of a ‘Posh
          through to their late dinner.
            Several packets of crisps, nuts and   Peperami’ was hatched.
          scratchings later, the boys agreed that it
                                                 ‘Serious Pig’ was born the
          had to be something more serious. They
          hit on the concept of a “Posh Peperami.” It   very next day!”
          could only be made with top quality British
          charcuterie, they decided. This would be
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