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Our Selection Boxes are the perfect gift for the foodie in your life: made with the finest, thoughtfully sourced ingredients, our snacks are packed with flavour to offer a serious taste sensation whatever the occasion.


We don’t mess about with our food and always insist on the best quality because the finest ingredients have the greatest flavour. That’s why our meat and dairy come from certified high welfare farms and our flavourings and seasonings are all natural.


We obsess over flavour – we’re built on it.  We take care to test every possible blend of herbs and spices before approving the right flavour profile for our snacks, satisfied by only the boldest taste sensations.


Whether treating yourself or someone else, let our ingredients do the talking while you sit back and enjoy the flavour with an equally delicious drink. Cheers!

Seriously Good Reviews.

"Crunchy Snacking Cheese may just be the World's best snack"

Fiona Beckett@food_writer

"Serious Pig's Snacking Pickle on top of Crunchy Snacking Cheese = A PORTAL TO A NEW DIMENSION!"

Hop Burns & BlackPeckham & Deptford bottle shop

"Crunchy Snacking Cheese is literally one of the greatest snacks in this and possibly other universes. Best selling snack in our bar by far"

Have I Got Brews For YouShop & Tap Room

"Snacking Pickles are zingy, tangy and the perfect partner to my Snackingham. I think I have found my new TV nibble!"

SarahClub Seriously member

"Some of the best snacks for beer you'll ever eat”.

Pete BrownWriter, Broadcaster and Beer Lover

HOLY SNACKING BATMAN!!!!! KERBLAMMM – the texture!!! KAPOWWWW – the flavour!!!!!!
Whoever is behind Sausage Flavour crisps is a genius.

Philip GhoshClub Seriously Member