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It’s good to know the people behind the brand isn’t it?  With that in mind we thought we’d do a series of interviews to help you get to know the Serious Pig team that bit better.  It wasn’t difficult to choose who to start with… The first point of contact for anybody phoning SPHQ is Rich, our National Sales Manager.  Rich is a flamboyant character, with a variety of flamboyant shirts to match.  He’s wearing his favourite pink flamingo shirt (in the cheesiest photo you’ll see) whilst posing with his favourite Serious Pig product.  He has plenty of stories to tell, or ‘yarns’ as he likes to call them, to keep us amused.  He’s from New Zealand and finds it hard to say ‘pig’ – it always come out ‘peg’.  This is unfortunate when you work for a craft meat business, named as we are, specialising in pork snacks.

Why do you like working at Serious Pig?

The brand.  You’ve got to love what you sell, so it’s easy to talk about Serious Pig and our products.  Also the craft beer scene was emerging when I first started 5 years ago and our craft meat sits perfectly there.  I’m always talking to interesting breweries with exciting stories of how they have developed their products and business.

What’s your favourite product and why?

Chilli & Paprika Snackling Salami.  I like the chilli kick at the end.

What’s your funniest working memory?

(Giggling).  (More giggling).  It’s from when we were based at Camden above Joe’s Bar and George and I had just finished getting all the deliveries out.  I had just started dabbling with a fixed gear bike and George was convinced he would be able to ride it backwards by sitting on the handle bars.  Him attempting it was hysterical.  He couldn’t do it by the way… it was a massive fail.

Our funniest memory of Rich is him receiving an invite for a fancy dress party.  Wanting to be a bit different he opted to go as Dave from Money Supermarket.  From buying a pair of heels in Primark, watching him practice his walk and then the final exit from the Arch as he set off, he had us crying with laughter!