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Club Seriously Sausage Night

By August 16, 2018August 17th, 2018News


We love our Club Seriously members.  They’re a fun loving bunch and fans of all things ‘pig’, so we’re on the same page.  We also love sausages, fire and being outside, so there was only one thing for it… our first Club Seriously Member Event!

We teamed up with our friend and Peckham neighbour Alastair, at London Barbecue School, for the ultimate evening of sausage making and barbecuing, otherwise known as the ‘Texas Hot Link Masterclass’.  One of the real arts of barbecue is making your own smoked sausages and Texas-style hot links are some of the best. Eight Club Seriously members were lucky enough to have their name picked from the hat and were invited to our Peckham HQ for this free masterclass.

We had a seriously good evening learning how to make sausages properly: stuffing, linking, smoking and of course eating!  Many thanks go to our pals at BrewDog and Bellfield Brewery for the plentiful supply of beer and of course to Alastair, the star of the evening.  We all left that bit wiser, with a burning desire to buy sausage machines, and of course a satisfied smile and full belly!

If you’re not a Club Seriously member you should be!  Join now by clicking here – you’ve got to be in it to win it after all.

If you’d like to have a go yourself, here is the recipe:

Ingredients (makes about 500g of raw sausage):

200g ground fatty pork, minced
200g beef, minced
25g breadcrumbs, or rusk
1 tsb fine sea salt
Pinch hot chilli
1 tsb coarse mild chilli flakes
1/tsp cracked black pepper
1 clove garlic, crushed
50g cheddar cheese (chopped into 5mm chunks)
Hog casings, soaked


Blend all the ingredients except for the cheese. Mix thoroughly for several minutes to encourage binding of the ingredients. When all the other ingredients are blended, mix through the cheese
Fill the sausage casings, link the sausages and chill for at least an hour
Smoke over oak at 130°C until the internal temperature reaches 73°C

This is a fresh sausage recipe – cook and eat within 1 day of making the sausages

For more information about Alastair’s courses visit