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How exciting to see our Snackling with Apple come top of the class in The Telegraph’s Pork Scratching Round Up at the weekend.  Tomé Morrissy-Swan, Digital Lifestyle Writer for the newspaper, awarded us an excellent 9 out of 10 commenting, “The pieces of apple are a match made in heaven – nibble them together.”  We, of course, have to agree with Tomé on that one, the combination of salty and sweet just works.

The distinctive way Snackling is cooked – oven roasted like you’d do at home –  gives it a strong point of difference to scratchings which are deep fried in oil.  George explains:

“The texture and flavour we get from oven roasting is amazing: it bubbles and turns a beautiful golden colour and becomes incredibly crispy.  The flavour is rich and full of delicious porkiness, perfectly complimented with a dusting of sea salt.  Contrast that with the sweetness of the Crunchy Red Apple Crisps from Emily Crisps and you have the perfect marriage of salt and sweet.”