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We’ve Got Ourselves Into A Pickle!

By February 3, 2020February 4th, 2020News

George (Boss Hog) is a big lover of pickles, and has long wanted to add a snacking version to the Serious Pig range.  It goes without saying that it had to be done seriously, so after 6 months of development meetings and pickle tasting the day has finally arrived to announce our new creation – aka Snacking Pickles!

George explains:

We had to consider the exact flavour profile carefully to make sure they’d work on different snacking levels – from complimenting a cheese sandwich to taking on the bigger hoppier craft beers increasingly found behind UK bars.”

With this in mind we’ve used the finest, tastiest baby gherkins and dialled back the sweetness creating a big tangy flavour balanced with garlic and a pinch of dill.  They’re a totally unique impulse snack, complimenting our other snacks perfectly, especially the Crunchy Snacking Cheese!

He adds:

“We’re always trying to innovate and offer something unexpected, yet totally accessible and gherkins are just that… unless you don’t like gherkins of course!  The tension that’s created from the split opinion about them is fantastic, I love that people are so passionate about them, whether for or against, it creates fun conversation and debate”.

Ahead of the Snacking Pickles go live date, we sent samples to our Club Seriously members and also had a secret product launch at Brick Brewery.  We’re really encouraged by the feedback – looks like we’re onto a winner!

And from our trade customers:

“Tried the new xxxxx yesterday. Fantastic. Next time I’ll try xxxxx on a snacking cheese. I imagine this would open a portal to a new dimension.” – Glenn, Hop Burns & Black
“WE FRIGGING LOVE THEM! We shared a bag with regulars on Sunday and 100% of them loved them too. Our current Insta Story poll is proving overwhelmingly popular too.” – Lee from The Beer Shop London

Available now for £1.40 a packet or £14.00 for 12, with free delivery on web orders over £15.00.