In 2019 over 1,500 people bought a slice of Serious Pig and helped our sales more than treble.  Soon we’ll be crowdfunding again with Crowdcube to raise capital and grow our business even further.

We’ll be offering you the chance to Own A Slice of Serious Pig for as little as £10 and shares will be available under the Government’s Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS).  As a Club Seriously member you’ll be the first to know when our campaign launches in its exclusive ‘private mode’ before it goes live publicly. You’ll get the inside track on all the numbers and be able check out the seriously tasty investor rewards. To do this however it’s important to join Crowdcube in advance. Here’s the link.


About us.

Serious Pig is a business born in a pub, inspired by the idea to match the quality of craft beer and fine wine with delicioius and innovative savoury snacks. We’re ambitious and fast-growing and on a journey to become the biggest premium savoury snack brand in the UK.

We’re passionate about top-notch snacking, much in the same way BrewDog is passionate about craft beer and to that end, their co-founder James Watt invested in Serious Pig in 2015, and continues to be a shareholder and advisor to this day.  Our range began with our Snack Salami and has expanded to include Snacking Cheese, Snaking Pickles and most recently Sourdough Snacking Croutons and each year we’re taking a bigger bite out of the £3.2bn UK savoury snack market.

We’ll use the funds raised to invest in Sales & Marketing, logistics, new snacks, and importantly to improve our sustainability credentials as we seek to cut our plastic packaging and reduce our carbon footprint.

Here’s some FAQ’s about crowdfunding.

What is crowdfunding?
With equity crowdfunding, you can buy shares in a business at a given valuation, with the goal of those shares increasing in value over time. If the business that you invest in increases in value and makes it to an exit event, such as being bought by another company or listing publicly, you have the opportunity to sell your shares to make a return on your investment. For more information, check out the Crowdcube website.

What’s the value of a share?
All the details of Serious Pig’s valuation and share price will be included on our Crowdcube page when our campaign goes live. Register your interest above to be among the first to be notified when this happens.

When can I get a return on my investment?
If you invest in an equity crowdfund and the company is later bought by another company, floats on the stock market or there is a management equity buy back from investors, you can sell the shares you bought for a financial return. Read about some successful shareholder exits on Crowdcube’s website here.

What is EIS?
The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) is a UK government scheme designed to help smaller higher-risk trading companies raise finance, by offering a range of tax relief to investors who purchase new shares in those companies. Where a business is listed as ‘EIS’ on Crowdcube, this tax relief will be available to qualifying investors. Click here for more information.

Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital. Please invest aware.