Seriously Good...


We’ve reinvented the wheel… of cheese! Whole virgin wheel of mature Italian Quattrocento cheese.  Crumbled and baked in a super special oven.

The result: a seriously crunchy 100% cheese snack that’s off-the-chart-tasty.  It’s a snacking game changer!


Snackalami is where it all began and our two sticks of delicious snacking salami, made with outdoor reared British pork  mean our original product, is still a favourite! Our three flavours, Classic, Spicy and Wild Fennel each combine a perfect blend of spices to complement the sweetness of the pork. Perfect for sharing (but only if you want to!).

Good snacks take time.


Made using outdoor reared British pork, Snackingham is like a traditional salami, but without anywhere near as much fat. It’s hung and matured for a minimum of 15 days, then sliced into perfect bite-sized morsels.

Snacking Pickles.

We’ve sourced the finest, tastiest baby gherkins and gently pickled them to create our first Snacking Pickles. They’re crunchy and tangy and go perfectly with a drink. East responsibly!

Meaty... but not meaty.


NEW! We’d been SCRATCHINGS our heads for a new spin on an old pub favourite.  The answer?  Deliciously crunchy giant corn seasoned in a classic scratchings flavour that gives the corn a rich almost meaty (but not meaty) taste and makes them 100% vegan.

...Serious flavour.


A crouton doesn’t need soup or a salad, it just needs you and your discerning taste! Our Sourdough Snacking Croutons in two deliciously different flavours, Chorizo & Creme Fraiche and Hoisin, are incredibly more-ish and a seriously proper snack.

Baked Nuts.

The humble peanut.  The dependable snack.  The reassurance and satisfaction of an old savoury friend.  What could be better?  Given much of the success of the peanut is thanks to its dusting of salt then why settle for just any salt.  What Cornish Sea Salt Co. don’t know about salt could be written on the back of well… a peanut.  We’re proud to have joined forces with our friends in the South West to give you oven baked nuts which are salted to perfection.  Not so humble now.

Goes well with...