Crunchy Snacking Cheese

We’ve reinvented the wheel… of cheese!

Whole virgin wheel of mature Italian Quattrocento cheese.  Crumbled and baked in a super special oven.  The result: a seriously crunchy 100% cheese snack that’s off the chart tasty.  It’s a snacking game changer, mark our words.


Snackalami – a spin on our original Snacking Salami with a new recipe and some seriously tasty upgrades: slimmer, with a lighter texture for a more refined eating experience, two in a pack rather than one, and made from pork with an even higher welfare standard – outdoor reared rather than outdoor bred.

Snacking Croutons

Whenever we’re dreaming up new products, we’re always looking for the moment when one of us says, ’Yes! Why hasn’t anyone done that before?’ and that’s exactly what happened with this one. It all took off when we realised that whenever we scatter shop-bought croutons over a soup or salad, we always munch a few from the packet when no-one’s looking. So how great would it be to have croutons JUST for snacking – no salad or soup required!

Serious Pig’s crunchy and delectable Sourdough Snacking Croutons – a tastier, posher take on your average crouton for a seriously discerning snacking experience.

Baked Nuts

The humble peanut.  The dependable snack.  The reassurance and satisfaction of an old savoury friend.  What could be better?  Given much of the success of the peanut is thanks to its dusting of salt then why settle for just any salt.  What Cornish Sea Salt Co. don’t know about salt could be written on the back of well… a peanut.  We’re proud to have joined forces with our friends in the South West to give you oven baked nuts which are salted to perfection.  Not so humble now.

Snacking Pickles

We’ve long wanted to add a pickle to the Serious Pig range but it had to be done seriously.  We’ve used the finest tastiest baby gherkins and gently pickled them with garlic and a pinch of dill.  They’re crunchy and tangy, not too sweet, and go perfectly with a drink.

crunch time