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It’s won praise from the likes of chef and restaurateur Mark Hix, who says he’s ‘addicted’, and legendary food writer Fiona Beckett, who claims it’s ‘possibly the world’s best snack’! 

It’s certainly made from one of the world’s finest ingredients. An aged hard cheese from Bologna called Quattrocento, that’s made with a staggering 400 litres of milk for each wheel. 

The milk comes from high welfare farms where the cows are free to roam and graze on fields of wildflowers nurtured by the beaming Italian sun. 

The result is an intricate rich taste with tones of roasted almonds and brown butter, followed by a sharp salty kick. With a cheese this good, the only preparation required is to crumble it and bake it in a specially developed oven until it crisps up into beautiful golden bite-sized discs.


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