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Snackalami ‘Wild Fennel’


All Savoury Snacks

Snackingham ‘Classic’


Crisps, Nuts & Corn Snacks

Sausage Flavour Crisps


All Savoury Snacks

Giant Corn Scratchings


British Charcuterie Snacks

Salami Selection Box


All Savoury Snacks

Serious Pub In The Post


All Savoury Snacks

Jaipur Pairing Gift Set


All Savoury Snacks

Ultimate Pub In The Post


All Snacks: Next-level savoury treats for pub snacks or healthy nibbles. Find perfect flavour combinations and pairing notes. Cheese Snacks: Crunchy Snacking Cheese. Made from 100% mature Italian hard cheese. Charcuterie Snacks: Handmade British charcuterie made from outdoor-reared pork. Pickled Snacks: Properly pickled snacks with tangy dill cornichons. Gluten-free, vegan, and low-calorie options available. Veggie & Vegan Snacks: Innovative vegetarian and vegan snacks, like Corn Scratchings and Crunchy Snacking Cheese. Snack Gift Boxes: Flavour-packed gift boxes for foodies, featuring fine salami, vegetarian cheese, vegan pork scratching, and more. Beer & Snack Gift Boxes: Pair craft beers with savoury snacks for ideal foodie gifts. Explore the Pub In The Post sets and Thornbridge Tasting Experience. Best Gifts For Him: Treat him with beer and snack gift boxes, perfect for Father's Day and birthdays. Personalized messaging available. Keto Snacks: Enjoy great-tasting keto-friendly snacks with low-carb, high-protein options like Crunchy Snacking Cheese and Snackalami. Healthier choices without sacrificing flavour. Pub Snacks: Not only do we stock classic snacks for beer like sea salted peanuts and potato crisps, but we also make new innovations like the Corn Scratching (an update on the much loved pork scratching).