Pub In The Post MAX

If you can’t get to the pub…. we’ll post the pub to you! In this ultimate snack & drink paring selection you’ll find:

2 x BrewDog Pale 330ml, 4% Heavy on hops with aromas of pine and citrus. The BrewDog Pale is a homage to the great American Pale Ale. Built in Scotland.

2 x Hawkes Urban Orchard Cider, 4.5%   ‘Hand picked in the capital’.  Made from London-pressed country apples and expertly blended, Hawkes are on a crusade to put the craft back into cider.

2 x East London Liquor Co’s award-winning London Dry Gin mixed with their own grapefruit-infused tonic for a not-so-typical canned cocktail. Made with natural fruit extracts and juices, and contains no preservatives, artificial sweeteners or colours.

1 x Most Wanted Malbec 187ml, 13.5% A medium-bodied, smooth and fruity Malbec sourced from South Africa.

1 x Most Wanted Sauvignon Blanc 187ml, 13%. From New Zealand, which benefits from endless hours of sunshine and a coastal climate that helps develop the distinctive crisp, gooseberry tang.

2 x Snacking Salami ‘Classic’, 28g

2 x Snacking Salami ‘Chilli & Paprika’, 28g

2 x Snackingham ‘Classic’, 35g

2 x Snackingham ‘Spiced’, 35g

2 x Crunchy Snacking Cheese ‘Classic’, 24g

2 x Crunchy Snacking Cheese ‘With Rosemary’, 24g

2 x Crunchy Snacking Cheese ‘With Truffle’, 24g

2 x Snackling ‘Sea Salted’, 35g

2 x Snackling ‘With Apple’, 30g

2 x Almonds ‘Cornish Sea Salted’, 35g

2 x Peanuts ‘Cornish Sea Salted’, 40g

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