Pub In The Post With Pass The Pigs

If you can’t go to the pub…. we’ll post the pub to you!

In this selection box we’ve paired Most Wanted’s most popular wines and a superb craft beer from Howling Hops with your favourite Serious Pig snacks: Crunchy Snacking Cheese and Snacking Pickles.  To make this the perfect night in we’ve also included the much loved and addictive Pass the Pigs game.

2 x Howling Hops – Das Koolsch Lager  330ml, 4.6%.  Expect a strong hop character from this Kolsch, with notes of lime and grapefruit, alongside a bready malt aroma and moderate bitterness.

1 x Most Wanted Malbec 187ml, 13.5%.  A medium-bodied, smooth and fruity Malbec sourced from South Africa.

1 x Most Wanted Sauvignon Blanc 187ml, 13%.   From New Zealand, which benefits from endless hours of sunshine and a coastal climate that helps develop the distinctive crisp, gooseberry tang.

2 x Crunchy Snacking Cheese ‘Classic’ 24g

2 x Crunchy Snacking Cheese ‘With Rosemary’ 24g

2 x Snacking Pickles 40g

1 x Pass the Pigs game