Pub In The Post

If you can’t get to the pub…. we’ll post the pub to you!

In this selection box we’ve paired Most Wanted’s most popular wines and a superb craft lager from Howling Hops with your favourite Serious Pig snacks: Crunchy Snacking Cheese and Snacking Pickles.

4 x Howling Hops – Das Koolsch Lager 330ml, 4.6%   Expect a strong hop character from this Kolsch, with notes of lime and grapefruit, alongside a bready malt aroma and moderate bitterness.

2 x Most Wanted Malbec 187ml, 13.5%   A medium-bodied, smooth and fruity Malbec sourced from South Africa.

2 x Most Wanted Sauvignon Blanc 187ml, 13%.   From New Zealand, which benefits from endless hours of sunshine and a coastal climate that helps develop the distinctive crisp, gooseberry tang.

2 x Crunchy Snacking Cheese ‘Classic’ 24g

2 x Crunchy Snacking Cheese ‘With Rosemary’ 24g

2 x Snacking Pickles 40g