Serious Snack Selection Box

If you can’t decide which of Serious Pig’s snacks to choose, this is for you. Have one of each!  To complete your snacking experience we’ll add our favourite fashion accessories – a couple of Serious Pig badges – on us of course.

1 x Snacking Salami ‘Classic’

1 x Snacking Salami ‘Chilli & Paprika’

1 x Snackingham ‘Classic’

1 x Snackingham ‘Juniper & Star Anise’

1 x Snackling ‘Sea Salted’

1 x Snackling ‘with Apple’

1 x Snackling ‘Smoked Bacon’

1 x Crunchy Snacking Cheese

1 x Cornish Sea Salted Peanuts

1 x Cornish Sea Salted Almonds