Snacking Pickles


We’ve sourced the finest, tastiest baby gherkins and gently pickled them to create our first Snacking Pickles. They’re crunchy and tangy and go perfectly with a drink. Eat responsibly!
Drained, ready to eat and suitable for vegans and vegetarians. 40g

Pairing tip from Dima’s vodka:

Try Snacking Pickles as is customary in Ukraine – served alongside Dima’s, a unique, triple-grain ‘sipping’ vodka. The saltiness of the pickles perfectly complements the sweet smoothness of Dima’s vodka, whilst providing a tangy, textural crunch.
To try for yourself, visit to order the vodka or vodka pickle combo and use coupon code PICKLE10 for 10% off.

Single pack
Multi Pack (12 for the price of 11)
Bumper Pack (24 for the price of 21)