Boss Hog

Who came up with “Boss Hog”?
You’ll have to ask The Duke Brothers! I sort of like it. I guess I am the boss here but it’s not a title I really feel comfortable with so the Hog bit softens it nicely.

What’s makes it good day for you at work?
Variety. It’s satisfying to have a day where I’m involved in all areas of the business and all those areas are problem free and running smoothly. Thankfully those days are not as rare as they used to be.

Strengths: Being able to tell where an airplane is flying from just by looking at it (we’re right under the flight path to Heathrow here when they are landing in a westerly direction).

Weaknesses: Forgetting that no one is interested in me telling them where a plane may or may not be from.


Serious Sales

You’re from New Zealand, why the hell did you leave there?!
Aotearoa is an epic country but as we all know it’s ages away from anything so naturally intrigue of what the world could offer drew me away.

What one thing about Britain were you most pleasantly surprised about?
How keen so many people are about outdoor sports and the variety of things you can do in unsuspecting places.

Sales jobs can be very demanding, what do you do to deal with the pressure?
It’s so much fun it doesn’t feel like pressure, but seriously if I can get there in the summer, waves, in the winter, mountains and in between the vast choice of pubs.

What dish can you cook without even thinking about what you’re doing?
Fried chicken! But it’s always a tough decision whether it’s dry wet dry then fry or straight dry and fry.


General Manager

What were you up to before joining Serious Pig?
I was immersed in the fashion trade as an Area Manager for many years when I was known as “The Process Queen”!

Is it Important to be a good cook when working for a food business?
Absolutely. It was when my passion for food overtook my passion for fashion that I made the switch.

What’s your signature dish?
I don’t have a signature dish as such but I do have a love of all things Spanish. Cordero asada a la Catalana is a favourite.

What do you like about working in Peckham?
Not the journey to work for sure, it takes me ages! I do like Peckham for its diversity, rich culture and the number of small independent businesses that flourish here.



How have you had to adapt working in an arch with trains rumbling above you?
Aside from the trains messing around with our radio signal I hardly notice the constant barrage of noise emanating from only a few meters above my head.

On a good day how many salami can get packed in the arch and shipped out?
On a really good day we could manage packing and sending out about 10,000 salami. That’s our record so far.

You’re off on holiday for a month, where you going to go?
Probably heading to mainland Europe for a good dose of exploring. I’ve always wanted to spend some decent time in Italy – the home of salami!

What’s the first thing you’ll eat when you get back from said holiday?
If I can’t get my hands on mayo I’m not happy so if there’s no mayo in Italy (I’m pretty sure there is) I’ll be making up for it.


Machine Man

It’s sometimes hard to agree on a radio station amongst the team. You’re on your own for the day, which station are you tuning in to?
Arrow, BBC 6Music, Absolute 90’s.

When you’re not here you’re a drummer in a band, is it fair to say that’s like being a goalkeeper in a football team?
My football career peaked when I captained the year 5 team as a defender so I’m not sure. However the band or team are only as good as either of these so why not, yeah!

What music would be most suitable to listen to while eating salami?
Anything by Morrisey, especially Meat is Murder!

Skiing or laying on a beach?
Skiing, my milky pale complexion doesn’t stand up well to sunshine.


Dispatch Diva

You like your fashion and always look smart, are you the same at home?
Of course I am, I’m a Fashion Guru lol. I love fashion, it runs through my veins. Your appearance is the first thing you’re judged on when meeting someone, I have to look good!

Your attention to detail is important with what you do, does it come naturally?
Yes I’m really organised and I prefer things to be done the right and proper way (I have ODC x 1.000,000,000)

What’s your comfort food for a miserable day at home?
Hot cookies and hazelnut ice-cream. Hand cut fries.

Grape or grain?
Grape please.